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Consumer Tips

Few health and consumer tips from Ice Port which would be useful and informative to our customers.


  • No bare hands please! For hygiene purpose ice cubes should never handled with bare hands. Always use a clean and sanitized scoop to handle ice.
  • Always make sure that container in which the drink is made should always be clean as Ice is also food and we consume it like any other food hence an un-sanitized container can be infectious.

Guideline to follow for a good and enjoyable drink.
1. For a cocktail, soda or wine, go in for 0.25 kg of ice per person.
2. In order to chill bottles or cans use approx 10kgs of ice per case. This keeps the case cold for about 3-4 hrs.
3. In order to chill half- barrel beer 20-25kg of ice cubes keeps the barrel cold for 6-8 hours

For more party/ event requirement please do get in touch with us.
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